Buck’s Buddies


Logan Connor, a third-grader at Acme Delco Elementary School is our very first “Buck’s Buddy”! He is an 8 year old student who has had an account at the ADES in-house credit union since 2008. He always makes weekly deposits at his in-house school credit union on Wednesday. Logan has really learned a lot about saving money since Ms. Lisa, the Credit Union Lady has started teaching financial literacy classes at Acme Delco Elementary this past Fall.
Logan says, “I love the credit union because I can save my money there, and no one can steal it. I can also win cool prizes!” Logan says he was saving his money for a new video game, but through the credit union financial education classes being taught at the school, he has “learned to put needs before wants”. Way to go, Logan!
Logan will be an active member of RFCU’s new Buck Club which will kick off in April. This special club will offer special savings rewards throughout the year. At last check, Logan thought he may want to become a lawyer when he grows up. At the rate he is saving, he may be able to pay for his college when the time comes! He enjoys playing outside and especially loves to swim. Logan is going to be so excited when he makes his deposits during April Youth Month and receives his special invitation to the Annual Credit Union White Lake Water Park Party. Mrs. Lisa makes this such a special event for the children each year! Be sure to congratulate Logan when you see him!

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