Why do I need to open a youth account at RFCU?

Every youth will want to be a BUCK CLUB SAVER! They need their own personal savings account. They especially need one at RFCU so they can become a Buck Club Member! A place where they feel safe saving their money and having fun while doing so. We have a new bloodhound puppy that will be encouraging youth to “Get on the Credit Union Save Wave”. All younger youth (ages 0-12) opening a new Buck Club savings this summer will be given a nice large sand bucket filled with fun educational materials. These great giveaways will keep Buck’s presence close and hope they will tell a friend about him. Buck is working hard to attract more young savers to join the credit union, hoping to get them on the Save Wave this summer.

Youth 13 and up will be given a choice of the Buck’s Bucket or a cool set of earbuds for their Pandora music while catching the rays this summer! Youth members will begin receiving special Birthday Cards very soon and each youth will be receiving a special Puppy Tale$ Newsletter with their quarterly statements throughout the year.  Buck Club accounts will be paid quarterly dividends on their savings. The rate will be declared monthly by the credit union board of directors of RFCU.

Ages 12 & under

Sand Pail with Shovel packed with fun stuff!
Youth Brochures (about saving and spending)
Buck Club T-shirt (kid sizes only/ while supplies last)
Coloring Book & Crayons
Beach Ball
BC Membership Card & Passbook
BC Quarter Saver
Puppy Tale$ Newsletter

Teens (ages 13-17) 

Cool earbuds and case
Membership Card & Passbook

Buck is snooping for new youth members! He wants youth that will make a committment to saving their money and spending it wisely. 

Click here for Buck’s Account Guidelines 

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